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A baby arrives so small and helpless...And their Angel is already here on earth waiting for their birth...This Angel will watch and care, always putting the babys needs first...Close to her chest you will cling...For you she'll gently hold you and softly sing...She'll always watch over you, even as you sleep...And gently wipe the tears from your eyes when you weep...She'll do everything possible, the best she can do...And plays a simple game with you called peek-a-boo...At night when ya'll sleep, she lays in her bed...But not you, in the safety of your crib you'll lie instead...GOD watches over you at night when you sleep...And the safety of you and your Angel he keeps...A bond that grows stronger with each passing day...And watching you both I can honestly say...Your Angel will always be known as MOM.

© Joel Saenz, Jr.

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FrankieWahrheit says...
That is pretty good. Nice symbolism.
about 6 years ago
COOLG says...
about 6 years ago

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