The Lighthouse

Posted on August 28th, 2012 by Diana in Love Poems
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The Lighthouse

My love for you is like a lighthouse.
A steadfast, strong and reliable light in all kind of weather,
I tried to steer you away from trouble,
Even though in some stormy weather,
I don't always succeed, and i lose you on the rocks,
Just look around to see and to find my beacon of light.
Even in the deepest, darkest and scariest storms,
My light is always on for you.
And even though i get battered and scarred, and my light might seem dimmed, I'm always on the lookout for you.
Just send up a flare in your time of need.
My light will always shine bright for you and bring you to shore out of troubles way,
bring you home to the ones that love you the most.
That is why my love for you is like a lighthouse.

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Diana says...
please give me any feed backs on weather this is good or not i would appreciate it ans so would my father in law
about 4 years ago
lefty says...
Very,very good. When it comes to writing love poems I find them the easiest to write. The message of love in this poem is stong and true. But yet something totally different from most of the poems posted here. The comparision of love to a lighthouse and a beacon of light , well that's original. But yet it paints a picture in your mind as you read and there is no mistaking that it was written from the heart. Once again...very good.
about 4 years ago

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