Nick the Nose

Posted on April 27th, 2011 by ddog1955 in Funny Poems
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Nick the Nose

Nick the Nose

Kids always made fun
Of poor Nick’s big nose
It surely was bigger
Than most I suppose

Now it isn’t nice
He was often teased
But you ran for your life
Whenever he sneezed

He’d put all sorts of things
In that honker of his
He’d shove in that schnoze
Anything that there is

He’d stick up crayons
And old chewing gum
Paper clips, gum drops
And all sorts of crumbs

Worms and erasers
And big juicy slugs
Fish scales and toenails
And unlucky bugs

So when a snot rocket
Shot from that big snout
All sorts of weird things
would come flying out.

© Doug Frech
Keywords: silly

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lefty says...
really good, really funny
about 6 years ago

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