Cast a cold eye and wait

Posted on January 1st, 2017 by RobertRonnow in Life Poems
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Cast a cold eye and wait

What do you think
of the man peeing, the ever-shitting mouse?
Finding meaning in killing
and cleaning house.

Sal quit school,
your lover stops writing.
Eternity's waiting,
a lazy-eyed tiger.

Or everything's cool
even the fighting.
The weather is perfect
for swimming or dying.

Physical dizziness,
mental uneasiness.
Isn't exercise
the best blood pressure medicine?

Universally sad
about my mortality
but also glad
to be leaving the party.

The noise was incessant,
success inconsistent.
The demands of my neighbors,
employers, persistent.

Belonging is longing
for complete solitude.
Seas, odysseys
the loneliness of being spouse.

Rain of April, rain of August
writing of it dry as dust.
What's my reason, rhyme?
Pass the time, pass the season.

If you're alone as you get, why are you crying?
Hold steady until a tsunami.
Then swim if you can. Don't gulp.
Hit in the head by speeding debris. Couldn't be helped.

© Robert Ronnow
Keywords: cold , eye , wait , think , man , find , kill , house , clean , school , love , stop , writing , wait , lazy , tiger , cool , fight , weather , perfect , swim , death , blood , universe , sad , glad , leave , party , noise , sea , lonely , spouse , rain , april , augu

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