Love Handles

Posted on April 4th, 2017 by ShuklaB in Funny Poems
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Love Handles

Love Handles

My Dear Love Handles,

I struggle to rid myself of your offending sight
while you cling on to me like a parasite
Power yoga, ayurvedic pills, even crash diet failed
as you came back fighting every time I erred
That expensive backless dress bought for inspiration
makes me feel nothing now except contrition
Constantly mocks me from the confines of my closet
while upward trend in weight machine remains obstinate
My cries of frustration and shivers of terror
only adds to the merriment of the bathroom mirror
My social life, these days, is quite dismal
As the dating tap dries, I get drenched in alcohol
Blind dates too desert me with lame lies
As burps are oft repeated than pleasured-sighs
Every failed relationship results in depression
To heal myself, heart craves for sweet concoctions
Next morning again that damned bathroom mirror laughs
When I crawl inside with a growling stomach and heavy heart
Trapped within this vicious circle, I finally agree
To throw the gauntlet and embrace size infinity

Thanks for making me 'Fit to Fat'
Copyright: Shukla Banik

© Shukla Banik
Keywords: Fat , Love Handles

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Litufour says...
Nice poem
about 2 months ago

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