Super Sized Sandwich

Posted on April 7th, 2017 by queencake2004 in Funny Poems
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Super Sized Sandwich

My super sandwich,
Stacked up high,
Is like a skyscraper,
In the sky.
With lettuce and onions,
Tomatoes to spare,
Roast beef and turkey,
And a piece of old hair. (ew)
Some rusty old scissors,
A whole pound of cheese,
A platypus tail,
Squirt some mayo on please!
A little spring daisy,
Some tasty crabgrass,
A big chicken patty,
Shrimp covered in lemon?
No thanks, I'll pass.
This super sized sandwich,
With a list that don't stop,
Full of ingredients,
With a toothpick on top.

© megan s
Keywords: food , funny , sandwich , super

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