Sunday Times

Posted on April 9th, 2017 by Soha12 in Funny Poems
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Sunday Times

Getting up from the beds late in morning,
Every chore sounds lazy, but else, nothing is boring.
Than drinking coffee in dizziness,
But sudden mind for playing is weirdness.
And then we hear, chirping birds,
I don't know what are their words.
Cricket or badminton, what do you say?
Cricket, of course, that's what Sunday players play!
Blue sky, on the high, with no clouds,
Butterflies, goes to fly, but doesn't the lout.
No school, no office, today,
Sun is shining, and we are making hay.
Then at night going outside for dine,
Ice creams and brownies are favourite of mine.
Tomorrow would be Monday,
Ugh! Tomorrow to schools and offices' runway.

© Soha Ansari

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