A dream, a pencil and a blank page

Posted on May 20th, 2017 by ashtonjunior in Inspirational Poems
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A dream, a pencil and a blank page

Dream young me of a world
Filled with reachable goals
To hold fast
To the promises you made to yourself
And become a writer of stories in life
To expand your mind
Beyond the boundary of reality
To breathe life through the pencil
And a blank page
Standing in the face of greatness
Touching the past
And knowing that you are the future
For the past is in front of you
Every time you stroke your pencil
Breathing life into new imagination
Hugging blank pages
Tasting the sweet aromas of words
Ever so present in your heart
You are the reason why
These pages come to life
How long will the world not see your greatness?
By Junior Ashton

© Junior Ashton
Keywords: young me

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