Stupid Girl (Blinded By Love)

Posted on June 7th, 2017 by Taintedpanda94 in Miscellaneous Poems
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Stupid Girl (Blinded By Love)

Go ahead and approach me with your smooth pick-up lines.
Go ahead and shower me with all of your lies.
Go ahead and take advantage.
Yeah, I am ready to be damaged.
So, you can put away the bandage.
And allow me to handle this.

I’m just a stupid girl whose blinded by love.
Yeah, I’m just a stupid girl who can’t get enough.
Boy, I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up.
If I were a drug addict, then you’d be my drug.

Don’t waste your energy.
It’s too late to stop me.
There is no turning back.
I’m ready to be treated bad.

I don’t care about my self-worth.
I am addicted to the hurt.
The emotional, mental, and physical.
Yeah, I love my men cynical.

I don’t mind settling for less.
Yeah, go ahead and use me for sex.
Lie to my face and say you love me.
Then go out and hook up with your ex Emily.

When you’re upset with me, call me a bunch of hurtful names
And beat me up until I can no longer bear the pain
Then wait a few hours to apologize and say you love me.
And tell me that you want to be with no other woman but me.

No, it’s okay.
I don’t mind being your property.
I’m here to stay.
I don’t mind being the victim of your mockery.

© Natalie Perez

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