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Frenemies are people who claim that they will always be by your side
When in reality, behind closed doors, they do things that will make you cry

Frenemies are the kind of people who will abandon you when times get tough
Frenemies are the kind of people who will lie about not stealing your stuff

Frenemies will spread rumors about you whenever you're not around
Instead of rescuing you from the deep end, a frenemy will watch you drown

A frenemy will only like you for the material things that you have
And once she gets a hold of them, you're thrown away like last year's Fendi bag

A true friend, however, will love you no matter what
A true friend will never throw you under the bus

A true friend will always stand by your side
When she does something wrong, a true friend will apologize

A true friend will never treat you like dirt
And most of all, a true friend will always keep her word

So moral of the story is that you should never trust a frenemy
Because when you need her the most, she will leave

© Natalie Perez
Keywords: Friendship , betrayal

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