The Flesh Profits Nothing

Posted on June 8th, 2017 by hitalot879 in Friendship Poems
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The Flesh Profits Nothing

To have a heart that is tied up in knots
when their are a dozen of pots
in your sink;
Can't even think
to dismiss this Earthly bliss
in a time well spent in thought.
Yet the Spirit brings life & peace.

A heart saturated with unconditional love
shall withstand the true test in time!
Words have an effect on people
so choose words of edification.
Smile 'cause it's contagious
so pass yours on.

We can each do our part in making this world a better place.
Love should be the true essence of our existence.
Become a beacon of light
to a hurting world in need.
Love your neighbor
spread words of peace and togetherness.

Each of us has a responsibility in this life.
Our life will soon be passed
only what's done for truth will last.
What we do with our time today
will become evident through eternity.

© Mario Vitale
Keywords: love , life , liberty

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