Time goes on, things get better

Posted on June 9th, 2017 by haileigh22 in Sad Poems
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Time goes on, things get better

here you are, age three
elmo on the screen
your mother comes to say goodnight
and goes back to face the monster with fright

nine years old,
you're getting smarter, or so you've been told
you start to realize
that there was never a man by your moms side

five years passed, age fifteen
you start to wonder and dream
time for high school and the all the pressure that comes with it
you still question if your father will come to visit

now you're sixteen
you hardly have any self esteem
you realize that dad is never coming back
so you look to other guys to pick up the slack

Look where you are, eighteen years old
it's almost time to graduate from this hell that you call school
you're different from the others
for soon you'll become a mother

Age nineteen
you let out a scream
how did i mess up so much?
you're on your own, because you and your mother have lost touch

now you're twenty one
and trying to support your son
you think in your mind
that his life is going to be nothing like your life or anything of the kind

age twenty four
you start to make something for yourself and you just need a bit more
you meet a guy, who seemed so shy
but you've never felt anything like when you looked into his eyes

four years passed, age twenty eight
things are going great
he accepts you and your child
he and calms you from being wild

now your thirty
there's no more hurting
you share a love that will not parish
in a somewhat perfect marriage

all things good, your thirty five
your son has learned to shine
he's made you so proud
he stands out from the crowd

age thirty seven
your moms off to heaven
and your son heads to college
he was valedictorian, fulfilled with so much knowledge

and now you're forty
you look back at what life could be
but you look at what you have
and you wouldn't change it for the world

© haileigh siarah

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Ziolko says...
Great poem, had me hooked!
about 5 days ago

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