I'm a little strange

Posted on June 10th, 2017 by Eireann in Life Poems
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I'm a little strange

My ways are strange I know,

I use terms from magic books because I've spent too long buried in them
I blaspheme with the names of made up gods because I love to make up my own
I often use foods instead of cursing because synonyms never sound right to me

I laugh at any joke, even if I find them offensive or unbelievably childish
I joke more often than I realise and that tends to get me in trouble
I often degrade myself for a laugh though I realise it's probably not good

I'm told I refuse to grow up but that's because I'm having too much fun
I come across as childish but I live alone and do everything myself
soon I'll need a full time job but I know there's rarely anything interesting for a girl of eighteen

Now I'm never afraid to say what I think, unless I'm trying to talk to my crush
My big mouth, as others put it, often draws lots of attention and hate
In truth my views are not that extreme, I'm just very loud and unashamed of what I think

So maybe I'm a little weird but my friends just say it's cute and I'm glad to be thought of that way.

© Eireann Tyler-Paris

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DepravityofInsight says...
This was a very relatable piece well done :)
about 2 weeks ago

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