My Idol

Posted on June 11th, 2017 by Ploscik in Life Poems
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My Idol

He's my idol
my sweet loving friend
not treating others
like a means 2 an end.
he's my idol
preaching, pontificating, healing
not lying, cheating and deceiving.
he's my idol
a true pillar of strength
not overcompensating for
being truly weak.
he's my idol
loving everyone universally
not tolerating others just
to occupy their souls.
he's my idol
his actions back up his words
not telling others what
they long to hear.
he's my idol
standing strong in the face of adversity
not running cowardly when
the going gets good for others.
he's my idol
a powerful force with a mind to boot
not some ignoramus that
will always be a dumb brute.
some may scoff or laugh
at my definition of a hero
but I have no faith or respect
for haughty fools that treat others
selfishly and vindictively.
for they will always be zeroes in my book
for they have always felt of me in this way
how does it feel to be cut down to size?
if I could only be as unconditional as Jesus.

P 4/24/16.

© eric ploscik

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