Enmity on You

Posted on June 14th, 2017 by AustinMilton in Friendship Poems
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Enmity on You

"Enmity on You"
(Friendship is shyness with a shy friend)
Dated: 12th Jun 17.

May thy enmity last
.....so long yams crippled fast,
Right there ends the past,
And only are holies wishes never cast
Upon today he dwell
In the annoying face of days,
Where he become feeble well
And age be only to those whom mays,
Since vices are legal he can't,
.......either be born or grey

When compliment crushes compliments.

Torrent tears touches him,
He lift up himself with bereft cloak
He had cried a whole year on,
Using the ashes thus freeing friends
.......with a saint's life.
And many years spent on callings
Since it had been she have hidings.

Hard working teens.......
Flaunts in shabby maltreaties,
While enduring endurance earns
.......ends up in stinks cells till today,
No actual criminal is punished.
Bit by bit entertained the devil counsel,
Thus, today he may be wild
He may choose life in the illegal tinsel.

- Austin Ogbenigho (Baron)
(Poem Earl) @
Poetry Care Cafe (PCC)
Talentbanks.com, writerscafe.com
All rights reserved copyright.

Notes: Yam in line 2 is symbolism representing "riches/money or materials. It is used in Yoruba indigenous literature to represent the already stated.

#You can ask if there is perplexity in of d some lines to knw the meanin.

© Austin Milton

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