Missing You Too

Posted on June 14th, 2017 by AustinMilton in Love Poems
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Missing You Too

" Missing You Too" (spend time with the rose when it is still fresh and stop others from eyeing what is yours)

Life shades us from each other
As if memory lost
The friends look closely in each others eyes
Yet their fears
I don't know how long it cost
Stirring into the aimless air
The drops of shadows still call on us
And that time never spend from rush
Yet today comes with tardy taste.
We all missed each other more than
We have missed then
I can't touch my pen in silent lines
And never remember you
And an affiliation dully neglected
We have patently missed each other
So much that we want to meet again
Yet we will soon be tired again
In life, life is not fast or slow
It either be slow and fast or fast and slow
How would you look now
Many years went out of you
That I do not know now, Gloria.

- Austin Ogbenigho
(Poem Earl)

© Etz Austin Baron

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