Tender Love

Posted on June 14th, 2017 by AustinMilton in Love Poems
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Tender Love

"Tender Love" (love with little loathe)
They say love is a boundless ocean,
That drowns a tender reed,
The wild gales that blow,
Loving leaves,
Ella sat calm,
Under the purple flowers,
Lowering her loud voice,
Over her overwhelming lovers,
Being tired of her too loving voice,
It has been true proven,
Stay not too long with people,
Stay ever in their love,
While you spend few times,
That man truly by time,
Forgets what at hand for new,
Also ....... me quote love,
A feeling that fires at feeling,
Must say.
But how it find itself a heir,
Patently a wild,
Love comes when the heart,
Wants to love for fair.

- Austin Ogbenigho
(Poem Earl)

© Etz Austin Baron

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