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J. Allen Hewitt

Gasp for me, wretched sack of foul rot,
Deviant creature of blackest sin,
Writhing in the filth of it's own mucus,

Bleed !

Suffer for me, revolting collection of fecal slop,
Degenerate troll of vacant deceit,
Consuming wanten vasts of brackish bile,

Bleeed !

Cry for me, disgusting mass of waste,
Perverse ghoul of cursed morality,
Slithering in the slime of it's own ejaculate,

Bleeeed !

Scream for me, nauseating lump of putrescence,
Degenerate beast of soulless treachery,
Copulating in the muck of it's own excrement,

Bleeeeed !

I am the agony and darkness stabbing,
I am the vengeance wrought upon you,
I am the Hell's wrath come,

Bleed for me...

© J. Allen Hewitt

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