Did You Know

Posted on June 14th, 2017 by donna in Sad Poems
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Did You Know

Did you know we would just get on with our lives
That we would go to work, do the dishes, put the bins out
Laugh at inappropriate moments, spend time and drink wine in the sunshine
Did you know that we would make memories without you

Did you know that remembering you are gone would take the air from my lungs
Or that I hear a joke and imagine how it would make you laugh
That I listen to music and remember when we stood arm in arm singing along
And I cry because I miss you

Did you know I would remember the trouble we got into and smile
And wish that I could pick up the phone and tell you something amazing
Or talk about who was annoying us that week and tell each other we weren’t crazy
And did you know it would break my heart

Do you know that I’m happy, there’s so much I want to tell you
I miss my friend who stuck up for me no matter what
I miss sitting by your fire eating cheesecake
I miss you laughing at me, crying at The Notebook
I miss talking about our kids and how we can’t get a brush through our daughter’s hair
I miss dinners in HS1 and Sunday nights after church

Did you know that going home would be changed forever
And that you’ve left a sadness that will never leave
And that there were a thousand moments we took for granted?
How I wish we had known.

© donna dingwall

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Ziolko says...
Very sad, hope you can find peace somehow.
about 5 days ago

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