Good old Life

Posted on June 15th, 2017 by Vic007 in Miscellaneous Poems
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Good old Life

Life has become way too foggy,
for I can't see the coast
Inept and inebriated with ego and anger
Insomniac nights and metal fights,
Lifeless looks and soulless speech Death paid a short visit into my reach.

Yonder the seas,yonder the sky,
I can't feel them for I can't ponder
Falling leaves,blowing zephyr
Passing days and falling rain
Didn't mean for I can't feel the sun
The only thing that still brew fine was memories in amphoras
Little thoughts of good old days
Made me cry,made me laugh
I can't be the man I was
for I have lost my innocence
Be the rain in my droghtstruck bosom
and make me fine my dear littleĀ  possum
A passionate kiss and heartwarming hug
Can bring the raging waters to peace
Forgive me father for I have sinned ,
for I didn't dream of a sweet little kiss!


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