The Flesh of False Prophets

Posted on June 17th, 2017 by DepravityofInsight in Miscellaneous Poems
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The Flesh of False Prophets

Thou sibyl dressed in black.
Sing us your deceptive aria,
and instill in us
the values of faith.

The wooden altar
and twisted cross,
conceal your cloak and dagger.

Your tales of foretold prosperity and substance,
awaken our forged hope
in the Omnipotent.

Foolish and beguiled we are,
but hopeless and aghast we are not.
Your wavering protection
shelters us from our conviction
until the temperature rises,
the fire consumes us
and our trusting hearts melt to ash.

© False Miracles
Keywords: Atheist

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Ziolko says...
Took me a while to understand it, I had to look up some words. But that's just what makes poems like this great!
about a week ago
DepravityofInsight says...
Replying to ZiolkoThank you! If you have any questions about its meaning feel free to ask I try not to leave much to confusion :P
about a week ago

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