Talking to Phantoms

Posted on June 18th, 2017 by Ziolko in Miscellaneous Poems
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Talking to Phantoms

When praying to God, I often get sidetracked
by phantoms - people who are no longer here beside me.
And my words to these phantoms are orderly stacked,
until I catch myself and tell them to flee.

Oh phantoms, why do you haunt me, are we unresolved?
Are we by each other enthralled?
Did I say the wrong thing, did I make your heart sting?
Will you come back like a dove, or did I ruin our love?

My train of thought goes to you,
I wish to speak with my tongue to you,
but the tongue sometimes conceals the true thoughts inside,
I wish you’d learn I was simply tongue-tied.

But you are no longer here beside me;
the future is dark, which I just cannot see.
I hope that the sun tomorrow will brighten the day,
and I pray if I see you, I will know the right thing to say.

© p.z

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