Calling Out To Me

Posted on June 19th, 2017 by vampirequeen in Miscellaneous Poems
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Calling Out To Me

In lust
You call out to me
In a voice so low
That your ex is left with clouded thoughts
You call out to me
Like i am your god
And you are asking for forgiveness
You call out to me
In sleep
Entrapped by your ex's legs

In pain
You call out to me
Shouting to the world
That i could save you
That i could make you so much better
That i make you smile with my laugh
Something your ex could not do
You call out to me
In tears i'm sure i could see
While she twitches before your eyes as she walks
While her eyes tell lies along with her mouth
You call out to me
For you know she is seeing another
Yet you are the one she comes to when he's not around

In sadness
You call out to me
Speaking the words she had told you
The threats her lover has threw at you
You call out to me
Your voice the one in the back of my mind
Your voice i cannot stray away from
You call out to me
Picking up the phone late at night
Dialing my number once she is gone
You are whispering the words of betrayal to me
The words of being used
The pain of finding out , that you were just her puppet
Her cheating love affair

You call out to me
In your sleep i can hear it
In your whispering voice
You say my name
While i sit upon the stairs
Asking myself why you didn't choose me the first time
You continued to call out to me
In your sleep
Asking for forgiveness once again
Telling me that you feel nothing for her anymore
Telling me you were tired of her lies
Tired of the pain she was causing
Tired of the sadness , that her presence brewed
Calling out to me
You were proving that i was the one you cared for the most

© darrionguthrie

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