Frequently asked questions

How do I register/become a member?

  • Click on 'Register' or 'Sign up Now' link on the website.
  • Enter your Full Name, User Name, Password and email address.
  • Click Sign up.
  • Enter the Profile Information.
  • Click 'Update your Profile' or 'Skip for Later' Button to complete the registration process.

Who can be a member? Is the membership free?

Anybody can be a member. Yes the membership is free.

How do I post my poem?

  • Login with your account.
  • Click on the 'Post your Poem' button in your profile.
  • Select the poem category.
  • Enter Title for the Poem in the Poem Title field.
  • Enter Poem in the Poem field.
  • Enter author's name in the Author field (if you are the author of the poem leave it blank, otherwise please provide the original author's name or enter Unknown if you don't know who's the author of the poem).
  • Enter keywords in the Keyword field (optional).

How do I edit/delete one of my Poems?

  • Login with your account.
  • Browse the Poem you want to edit/delete.
  • Click the Edit/Delete button appearing alongside the poem.

How do I add a user to my Following List?

  • Login with your account.
  • Browse the user whom you want to follow from the community or from his/her posted poem.
  • Click on the 'Follow button' to add him to your following list.

How do a add review/comment for a poem?

You must be a member to post a review/comment for a poem.

How do I customize and Send a Poem as a Card?

  • Click on 'Send as Card' link on the poem.
  • Click the 'Start Customization' button or scroll down on the page to see and select the customization options.

How do I become a top contributor?

You can be a top contributor by adding the most number of poems.

How do I save a Poem to my Favourites?

  • Browse the Poem you want to save to your favourites
  • Click on the 'Save' button.

What if I forgot my username/password?

If you've forgotten your username and / or password, you can retrieve them by simply entering the email address you gave during the registration process on this page. We'll email you your Username/ Instructions on how to reset your password.

How can i get a great username?

Poemish has experienced a lot of growth in user numbers. As a result, you may need to get a little more creative with your user name selection. Try adding other characters before or after the user name you wish to use, many people add their birth year or other identifying information, like this: Messy1972, MessyNY. You can also bracket the name with other characters like this: xxUSERxx.

How do I Change my username?

Currently, you cannot change your username, there is simply too much information tied to each account. You may, however, sign up for a new account with the username that you desire.

How do I report content that may violate intellectual property rights and/or copyright?

Click here to report a copyright violation.

My question isn't on this list, what should I do?

Please feel free to Contact us ... we'll do our best to answer them.