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Beautiful eyes

Beautiful eyes

Imagine falling in love with someone you have never seen.
Would you give your heart away to a mystery?
What if you could fall head over heels, do you think you would try?
Or would you run away from what could be? Are you confident or shy?

Would you gamble your happiness in the name of love?
Or would you hide away from the possibility,
Of anything ever being good?
Would you risk heartache or hide inside your broken heart?
Are you too badly stung, to keep believing in love?
I am ready to be loved; please let me know if you are.

I have seen too many movies to go through the exit door,
Without telling you of my feelings; I am preparing to fall.
It is up to you if you want to save me from the loss.
Am I to become a forgotten memory?
Or are the two of us going to take-off!?

The beginning of a journey that could last for a lifetime,
Or an end to the dream and a wave goodbye.
We are standing at the precipice; no turning back after this.
It’s decision time.
Do we walk away from what could be love?
Or do we fall in?

In all the possibilities, we do not have a thousand opportunities,
To find love at first try; we cannot turn back time.
Carpe diem with me and we could go and get something to eat.
Love is standing before you with a rose in his hand,
Telling you that you have beautiful eyes…

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

© Aa Harvey
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