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Friends of Whatsapp

Making each other laugh, this is from where I start,
Sinking in my heart.
And we are free from pain,
And we all are group of insane.
We crack the worst and best jokes,
And then keep on laughing for hours in choke.
In every picnic and party, we get along,
And we don't miss any singer and song.
We are the one who die to write on blackboard,
And we don't let patience to be stored.
We live in daydreams and give people nightmares,
And every Whatsapp joke we share.
And we are the Power Puff Girls,
Who keeps on straightening and curls.
We don't care what other say, cause we are our own society,
And we all speak enough to prove to be mighty.
And we have the humorous group ever,
Which I will leave never!
I'm the one who share poems, but girls, you love jests,
And I keep on twittering while you keep yourself busy with nest.
And you are the best gals I did feel,
You never let me kneel.
I pass my math registers, and so do you,
We are the one who is an inane gossiping crew.
For every single thing, we would laugh,
Cause we all are sisters in half.
we never let anyone's teardrop fell on knees,
And in every pain, we take a hand to seize.
Cause we are the one who live forever unity,
We never heard of enemies.
And you are those who shape my day,
We always on our way!

To My Whatsapp Group 'Power Puff Girls' Members....

© Soha Ansari
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