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One.Two.Three .. Forever

I stood in line at my favorite coffee shop
You were ordering , your back to me
Looking lean and sexy
Jeans as tight as a women's jeans
Boots to match
You stared at me from the table you chose to sit at
As i sat at my own table by the window
Sipping my coffee , while me eyes found yours
Smiling slightly
Heart thumping

You approached my table
With your hands in your pockets
Russet skinned , sea blue eyes
All i saw when i looked up at you
The thumping coming to an abrupt stop
I offered my hand in the respectful greeting
You shook my hand with a perfect smile , taking the empty seat beside me
You told me every single thing about you
Right there in the coffee shop , ignoring the in and out traffic of customers
I listened closely , no time for questions
Watching you with a gleam in my eyes
You asked me to tell you about myself
So i did , while taking in your outfit
Wrangler jeans i could see
Huge buckled belt , with your name melted into the metal
Brown cowboy boots , matching the color of your hair
Your sea blue eyes hiding a hint of green in them
A plain black button up you wore , buttoned to the middle of your chest
Leaving your neck exposed
Handsome was all i could whisper.. sexy even

We dated for a year and six months
Before you got down on one knee on our second Christmas together
You had me smiling in front of both our families
I messed up my natural looking make-up
Making you chuckle and kiss my cheek
While you asked me what my answer was in your okie accent
We were standing before a preacher
Our friends and families surrounding us in the benches
We smiled at each other throughout
Relieving the moment we had in the coffee shop
Choosing to tell the story to our children one day
We were saying our "I do's"
Me blushing at your okie slur
We became forever partners that day
Swearing to never leave one another
Even when times got rough
Swearing that when we decided to have children
That we would raise them together , not apart
Forever becoming our favorite word
Forever being a reminder when we fought the first time being married
Forever being our start

© darrionguthrie
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